Genuine Volkswagen Parts

When it comes to choosing replacement parts for your Volkswagen, the most commonly asked question is whether to choose genuine VW parts or to opt for, often slightly cheaper, aftermarket parts. To us, it's simple; only genuine Volkswagen parts will do and you shouldn't even be considering alternatives. 

Only genuine VW parts are made to Volkswagen's own specifications, ensuring that the quality of your vehicle is maintained. They are the only option when it comes to maintaining reliability and performance. As such, why would anything other than the best be considered?

Volkswagen's reputation for reliability did not come from cutting corners and compromising on quality and, as such, it's easy to see why the only consideration should be genuine replacement parts! 

When you choose genuine VW parts, you're investing in the continued performance and reliability of your vehicle and can rest-assured that you're replacing like-for-like, in terms of putting in what you took out. Only genuine parts are manufactured to the strict quality standards set by Volkswagen and this is the sole reason why reliability is guaranteed.

In many instances, buying genuine Volkswagen parts from ourselves often won't be much more expensive than purchasing alternative, aftermarket parts and when you consider the longevity and lifespan of the parts, you'll find they need to be replaced far less freqeuntly, saving you money and offering great value over a longer period. 

You haven't bought a Volkswagen to end up with an unreliable vehicle so maintain it's standard by using only genuine replacement parts.

Still undecided? Call us on 01524 415833 to find out more out about why you should only buy and fit genuine Volkswagen parts to your car, and not alternatives.

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